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Artist Statement

Contemporary art historians write that irony and doubt drive Post-modern art…These are qualities I consciously strive to keep out of my work. Instead, over the past three decades, in an effort to produce positive images, I have tried to create works which are hieroglyphic in their basic impact and may be linked to diverse cultures in their inspiration. In the Post-modern world, cultures, classes, and ethnic groups have at their disposal, information which defines and shapes each of these societal units. The artist, now, is an agent who is free to pick and choose from traditions, images, and ideals once handed down within groups. By doing so, it is the artist’s responsibility to enlarge and elaborate this material for new audiences through his knowledge of human experience and the aesthetic process.

The Tree of Life

I have been occupied for over thirty years with the symbol…the Tree of Life. A primal symbol found in many cultures and religions, the Tree is the symbol for growth, stability, and change. At first, I used images freely adapted from American quilts. I later used ceramic patterns and designs which mirrored the Mound culture of prehistoric Alabama. Later, in Florida, the Tree of Life became the Palm…When the palm grows, as it adds a new frond, it must drop a frond from the bottom of its leaf line. Thus, the Palm mirrors growth and change in transient nature.

The Minos Variations

In the Western tradition, images of cattle have been associated with power and energy from Paleolithic cave paintings to Picasso. I have been painting bulls and cows for over thirty Years, as part of a series I call “The Minos Variations.” For me, the bull represents the Impetus toward disorder, violence, and turbulence… The cow represents the opposite…order, tranquility, reconciliation. Order and disorder are the ends of the continuum of human mentality and experience. I use images of bulls and cows to express points on this continuum.

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